Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Everything You Need to Know

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BSN degree and everything you need to know about the bachelor of science in nursing, curriculum and career options on the field. All about BSN programs.

A BSN degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) prepares you to exercise the job as a Registered Nurse in any state of the U.S. You can be an RN with just an associate degree, but the career options going forward are very limited, because almost all of the jobs above an RN are filled with people with bachelor’s degrees. To keep going forward on your career as a nurse, with way better prospect of higher wages, it is mandatory that you become an BSN.

BSN nursing - Everything you need to know

Career opportunities as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

If you have already been a Registered Nurse or someone wanting to engage in the 4 years college experience, having a bachelor’s degree in this area is a great achievement, as an example, in average, a BSN makes $8,337 more annually in comparison with an RN with a associate diploma, having between 1 and 4 years of experience, the average salary of a BSN goes to $69,697. Acquiring supervision roles as a BSN can get you a salary of $80,000 , almost 10k more than an ADN in the same role.

With so many nursing schools, with different times of completion, attractive prices of tuition and adaptable schedule, it is not very difficult to get your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, it really is just a matter of desire and work.

BSN degree programs – Curriculum and Details

A normal BSN program takes 3 or 4 years to complete, the difference between the time comes from the curriculum of the institution towards that program, a full standard 4 year program is more “heavy” on math and natural science, while the 3 years is a dry version, more practical of the original curriculum. As a standard, all BSN programs will include courses like: nutrition, anatomy, chemistry, communication, leadership, liberal arts, behavioral science and subjects more especifcs for the nursing day to day pratice.

If you already are a Registered Nurse with an associate diploma, you easily can get your bachelor’s degree in 2 years and maybe even get your tuition partially paid by your employee, if they have an internal qualification program.

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