Registered Nurse Education – Requirements to Become an RN

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Become a Registered Nurse, see all the educational requirements about Associate’s Degree Programs (ADN) and Bachelor’s Degree Programs (BSN) for nursing.

With the demand continually increasing and yet a shortage of Registered Nurses, this is one of the best paid professions in the country, versus time spent to become one. A Registered Nurse education usually takes between 2 and 4 years, but is not that simple, you can have an associate diploma and be ready for the job, but a normal 4 years bachelor degree knows as BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), can open more doors (job wise), and on average a BSN earns $8.000,00/year more than an ADN (associate’s degree in nursing).

Nurse Education Requirements

Requirements to Become a Registered Nurse

Registered nurses (RN) have the minimum requirement of an ADN diploma – associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree is optional, but is a smarter choice career wise, because you will probably make more money and will have a way better expectation of going up in the career ladder, versus an ADN.

To practice in the profession, you will have to become licenced by the state. While requirements vary locally, they normally include your approval on a state training program and in a test called the NCLEX-RN, who covers topics like psychosocial, infection control, health promotion, physiological integrity. Your state RNs board may require to meet additional licensure requirements.

In almost all instances, a nurse only has to take the NCLEX one time, once you are approved, the test result is the proof of initial licensure for the rest of your time as an RN.

Associate’s Degree Programs

A common Associate’s degree program is made to be completed in two years, however, stats show that in average people take 3 years to complete the program, but still an associate degree is the fastest way to become an Registered Nurse, and is the most popular. An ADN program usually includes courses of: nutrition, chemistry, biology, behavioral science, nursing and hand-on experience.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

A bachelor’s of science in nursing is a normal 4 year program at a university. These 4-year programs are generally more focused on human development and behavioral sciences and take a deeper approach to the profession, the BSN program, of course, includes all the practical and basic courses in psychology, nursing practice, chronic disease, mental health and others. Someone who is already an RN with an associate diploma, can take a short cut doing what is called an accelerated BSN program, who normally takes 2 years, but can take 3 depending on the student performance.

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